Sunday, 13 March 2016

Growing in reality... genuinely

Had a long sitting for the Salesian Social Forum the whole day.  Honestly it was not what I really expected it to be.  Today's whole day was dedicated to discussion on the statutes and code of ethical practices.  We hardly discussed anything else.

I joined the SSF last year, when Fr TD John had briefed me about the same during one of his visits to Karunapuram. At that point I already had a strong feeling that the formation process I was involved in was far removed from reality and honestly needed an overhaul.  For that I personally needed an overhaul!!  Therefore I volunteered to widen my own horizons, grow more grounded and genuine before I assist others in their formation process. I was honestly exploring.

However, there was one thing that Fr George Kollashany stated sometime in the beginning of the discussions, right in the morning which kept ringing in my ears all day long.  He was trying to "define" our spontaneous group of SSF.  He basically asked if I was afraid to venture out, take initiatives on my own for something I deeply feel is truthful, but lack support? He cited this group as the support bank that one could fall back upon. But basically it was a personal challenge:  Am I questioning myself with regard to the radicality of the gospel?  Am I willing to have my whole inner world topple?  In turn am I ready to shake the existing structures, more out of my conviction, than my convenience, and that too for a truly noble cause?

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