Thursday, 10 March 2016

Like a potato...

Mummy began her conversation with me today with a direct statement:
You seem to be like a potato which can be put in any dish! People take you here or there and seem to insert you in to any job, ask you to take up anything, none of which is really related to your initial training.  
Being a Salesian I consider that a compliment!  Truly, I believe a Salesian is one who is able to insert himself into any situation, any context and make the most of what he is/has for the best of those around him.  I suppose it is something that is within that matters and not merely some limited acquired skills.  If one is genuinely interested in the children or young people, I suppose one will do one's best.  If one is already prepared or equipped with skills related to that context, good. If not, then one will acquire the related skills.  As simple as that!

Merely having skills and qualifications which do not get translated into empowering young people, is like having a transport vehicle and using it only as a show piece... one might as well have a coconut!  Bereft of zeal for those whom we work for, no amount of qualification will be enough.  The best and ideal is zeal + skill.  

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