Friday, 4 March 2016

Dog days!

I have on my laptop desktop screen the plan for the month of January and February, mostly for personal growth - some courses and reading.  Both the months have come and gone, but nothing of what I intended to carry out has been accomplished.  In fact, life has been more hectic than before in these two months.

Honestly, one cannot think - leave alone, think straight - while being tossed about in a torrent.  All that one is keen to do is to get to the shore, to safety. But if one intends to really reflect, chalk out a course, plan where to and how to, one needs to take a safe distance from the torrent!

The most disheartening fact of the hectic life, at most times, is that there aren't too many big things to do, but plenty of petty things that never get accomplished satisfactorily or totally.  So at the end of the day, I still am left with the list I prepared during the day - all intact, with not one ticked off as completed.  Nothing to say of the other list that was prepared the previous night!  

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