Friday, 14 December 2012

Youth trends?

I had the fortune of attending a pre-Christmas celebration at one of our neighbouring college.  It is basically a hindu college of which our Brothers are students for their B.A. course. The staff are very cordial and respect us very very much. They were keen that we come for their Christmas celebrations last year.  However, we declined and to avoid that we said that 'next year' we'd animate it.  True to our 'excuse' they caught us this time and asked us to come and animate the celebration.

Fr Wilson was very highly excited about the whole thing. Somehow I was not so worked up by this invitation for I knew that they really didn't mean - and want - a real celebration. All that they were keen was the entry of another celebration in their chronicles and photo album. However, Fr Wilson asked me to give a message during the programme.  I had half a mind to animate the gathering rather than put up some performance.  However, since Fr Wilson took lead, I let him organise the programme and consented to give the message only.

My fears came true when there were just a handful of youngsters - mostly girls - who came up to the college auditorium for the celebrations.  I know not what happened to the hundreds of other students.  Were they told not to attend, or they were not informed about this celebrations (but the speakers really blasted the whole programme loud enough for all in the vicinity!) or is it that the youngsters were not keen in any such 'new' thing at all.  The last reason is my worst fear, namely that young people here are not so enthusiastic about learning something new.  They are more than happy with their own lifestyle dictated mostly by idleness and gossip.  Anything out of the way is not appreciated.  (Even for that matter, keeping my own Brothers happy about food is not a very big challenge, I discovered - consult them prior to the celebrations and provide those items as menu, for their list does not ever go beyond the usual tried and 'tasted' - chicken, fish, ice cream!)

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