Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Parents' Day Reflections-2

One of the parent of the Brothers began by honestly and vehemently accusing the Catholic Church of neglecting the Word of God. He also acknowledged that prior to marriage he was a Protestant but thanks to his wife's faith and sharing about the greatness of the Catholic Church, got baptised and is now a fervent Catholic.  After his initial sharing about the need for modern Priests and seminarians to be preacher of the Word, he beautifully brought out something which I was dying to hear:
Brothers, be men of God and prayer, above all else! As lay people, men and women living and working in the world, we look up to you Priests and Brothers to help us know and experience God through your own life and word and deed.  The rest, we can manage by ourselves.  So don't waste your time and energy trying to impress us with your talents and acquisitions. Primarily be men of God and prayer. That is what we seek from you. 
To hear that from a parent, I'm sure makes a deeper impact, at least for the Brother concerned, than to hear the same from us formators. 

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