Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Creating Advent

We are again into another Advent!  It is surprising how fast things move.  It is almost two months since we commenced our second semester and we are already at the threshold of the mid-half of it. Another two full months and the Philosophical part of the academic curriculum would be over.

Anyway getting back to the Advent season, I am still to chalk out my journey.  With the Seminary Day behind me, I can truly breathe easy.  A couple of other programmes along the way and the year is practically over.  However, as I was reading the circular letter of the Provincial of Guwahati, I was struck by the opening paragraph of the same.  Speaking of entering Advent, leaving behind another liturgical year, Fr V.O. Thomas (the Provincial) beautifully states, "... that future is not something we enter but something we create.  We can fear the future or we can tap into our resources, trust in God and create our future."

Beautiful and challenging indeed!

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