Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Obsessed with faces

Very many of us are obsessed with a face, with a complete figure of who we want to see.  Take for example, my Brothers, some of whom I gave the whole backdrop design for the Seminary Day. Along with the text there was also a picture - just an outline or sketch - of Jesus with His disciples.  Come the last day, on the backdrop I see a Jesus with a face and cassock and red sash and all the disciples in colourful attire, each with a distinctive face!  My picture had none of it - yet anyone viewing that picture would not hesitate a bit to say that it is Jesus and His disciples.

While I was in the Provincial house, I remember designing an Easter meal invitation for some guests, one of whom was a retired Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO). The invitation contained a picture - again one without all the facial features clearly etched out - of the risen Lord.  This particular gentleman could not understand how could this be called an invitation without the face of Jesus clear ('He does not have eyes or a nose!' is what he exclaimed).

Perhaps when the inside is empty, the outside needs to complement it; but if the  inside is 'insightful' and the heart sees, even a simple line speaks volumes! 

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  1. Jesus in a cassock and red sash!!! oh they made him His lordship! the Right Reverend, Jesus the Christ.

    http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01137a.htm tells you how to address all the heads of the Church properly.

    The pope is only the most holy father BUT! in Italy, the bishops are addressed as "Most Illustrious and Most Reverend Lord". Wow!! no wonder the boys thought Jesus should be a bishop :D


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