Monday, 17 December 2012


Here's an extract from the last paper that I'm correcting of those doing their dissertation with me. The book summary which the Brother is attempting to write is about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

[Statutory warning: The student has no idea, whatsoever of what he has written!]
The prophet Muhammad's father is Abdullah, died two months before his birth and his mother Aminah was decided to take him with her to visit uncle in Yathrib. Then Muhammad enjoyed meeting his cousins, playing with them and learning to swim, when journey back to Makkah.  Aminah felt ill and died.  Muhammad returned home with Aminah's maid. 
The para above is all that is there in his paper about the life of the Prophet! The rest of the paper is 'too intellectual' for mere mortals like us to understand.  Perhaps not even Muhammad will understand! Given this state of grasp, I wonder what does the Brother understand about the Bible, leave alone, Philosophy!   

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