Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Parents' Day Reflections-1

We had the Parents' Day on Dec. 15, coupled with our community Christmas celebrations. Unlike the past years, I tried a different mode of spending time together. I wrote about it earlier.  The discussion that took place ultimately was quite touching.  Though, if I were to do it, I'd have done it differently, I am truly happily at how it progressed.  After a brief talk by Fr Marreddy, he asked if any parent wanted to speak.  At least 7 of the parents or relatives spoke - very amazing, given their reluctance to talk in public and that too before Priests and seminarians, for they are normally at home being recipients.

One of the Brothers' mother after sharing her prayer and aspirations for her son, for every seminarian, quite spontaneously asked all of us (seminarians) gathered a direct question.  I was greatly touched.  She began by sharing this:
You may feel that you are living this life of chastity in thought, mind and deed here in the Seminary, but as your parents, we too live the same life of chastity for your sake.  
And then for the question that she asked there was hardly any convinced answer... She asked
Brothers do you believe that? 
She repeated
Brothers do you believe that for your sake we, your parents, live an celibate and pure life. Only that we may support and strengthen you in your vocation journey.  But you do believe that, don't you? 

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