Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our regular guest and friend

This is our famous Chiranjeevi. His real name is Appalnaidu. Unfortunately he is slightly imbalanced in his mind but certainly not in his heart. He is a regular figure in the Seminary and the 'chief guest' of every function in the campus.  He has his routine carefully chalked out for the day (any day) based on requirements of his stomach!  Though aged, he appears like a kid. His talk is all mumble and anything but sensible.  His clothing is always a gift from someone, mostly Brothers old clothes. I should say that for the past few months he has been very tidy and neat.  He takes bath everyday at the gate - a full-fledged one at that - keeps his clothes tidy (though one does not get to see him wear the same shirt again!) and has his secret place for hiding his soap!

Whenever he is hungry he seeks me out and asks for food.  If I permit him, he'd go towards the kitchen with a big smile; if not, he'll wait for me at the far end of the gate (near the kitchen) - no matter how long it takes for me to  reach that part of the house.  Not once has he approached the cooks by himself asking for food - though he could very well do that, for he is from their own village and know to them all!

Once in a way he asks for money. But if I tell him to 'next time', he will happily go away.  Never does he pester anyone for money.  He gets a lift wherever he wants to, simply because everyone around here knows him to be a simple guy with absolute nothing more than mere humanity! If none offer him a lift he is happy to walk all the way, singing away! He has an interesting hobby: collecting bits of newspaper with ladies photos, mostly movie actresses.

At times I wonder, how fortunate I am in comparison with Chiranjeevi and at times I feel humbled that he is more human than I. I suppose, these are all God's own ways to remind us of the blessings He bestows on us and which we most often take for granted. 

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