Thursday, 20 October 2011

What 'Steve Jobs'?

I am almost nearing the end of my course on Medieval Western Philosophy for the first year students of Philosophy here in KJC, Bangalore. Tomorrow is the last session. Though it started on quite a dull note, I should say, most of them have picked up and are quite enthusiastic. Today's heated discussion on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas was really worth the time and effort. However, some of them had no clue of what was going on. Since they too never made any attempt right since the beginning to understand and get involved, I left them to themselves. I did try to draw them into the discussions or explanation of things, but they preferred to be idle. I choose the lesser evil of leaving them alone rather than drag everyone with them to the least possible.

The most craziest point of the session thus far - know not what surprises await me tomorrow, though - was when I asked them, while explaining some point using the life of Steve Jobs. Looking at their faces, I knew they did not know about whom or what I was talking about. It is then I asked as to how many heard the name 'Steve Jobs'. Only three out of 26, 'heard the name' and only 2 out of the three knew something more than just the name. So much for knowledge of the world, whom they will soon claim to be the leaders of.

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