Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Metaphysically, yours!

Today was my fist day of class of the second semester, with me handling straight four hours of Metaphyscis, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Modern Western Philosophy ... exactly in that order. It was only at lunch did I really understood what I heard Uncle Jimmy state, years earlier, while at Karunapuram after successive classes on Logic and Theodicy:
Oops what a shift of gears I have to make, given the content of these subjects: one lofty and abstract, the other concrete and practical.

However in a sense, the course that I gave in Medieval Western Philosophy, at KJC last week stands in good stead as I continue teaching the modern era for our Brothers here. The fact that the Modern has barely anything much to do, except in contrast to the medieval, adds greater thrill to what is yet to unfold.

All said and done, the shift from Metaphysics and Epistemology to Modern and back to Metaphysics is quite a jugglery. (The included cartoon is from the following site on Metaphysics Cartoons... gratefully acknowledged.)

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