Monday, 3 October 2011

The rape of God

Today as I sat for the Theodicy exam with the third year students (oral), I felt ashamed of myself. The answers of the Brothers were so mediocre and senseless, not just to me but worse, to themselves! I felt so ashamed of having taught them this subject with such zeal and fervour. They literally raped God right in front of my eyes, one by one and all I did was hung my head in shame. Their ideas of the subject were so weird or unrelated that any one with the minimal of common sense would kick them in the place where it pains the most.

Here are some of their thoughts:
  • Evil is some higher perfect good.
  • Evolution is from a single cell which is transcendent and that is God.
  • Polytheism started 400 years ago. (I, like in every such statement, asked: sure? You mean, it started in 1500 or so? Yes, came the confident reply!)
  • Leibniz proposed the idea of 'anticipated world' (God alone knows what that is! or which Leibniz was he talking about!)
  • When there is good, evil will attack.
  • God is a silent, community, idolatry, particular...
  • God as crotch! (Crotch or crutch?. No Brother, it is crotch.)
  • Moral evil is due to order in the universe.
  • Physical evil is caused by bad - due to perfection.

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  1. Ah! Poor Cas! Don't worry. All will be well. You are not god to recreate them.

    Frankly, I don't know a thing about Theodicy but I can easily guess that it is difficult. It simply does not make any sense to teach chaps of their age, experience and understanding anything so complicated. Change the syllabus. You could teach them parts of the body :)with teaching aids.

    God as crotch is simply superb though!! These guys are zen masters without even being aware of it.

    I would so dearly love to sit in your classes with them. You can send me out if I get hysterical.

    God bless!


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