Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The washing machines of yesteryears had only a unidirectional swirl. Then came the 'twirl' - that which twists and turns the clothes not just in the same direction but in the opposite as well, from time to time. Something akin to that is the whole recommendation given to those who have to sit long before computer screens: after a 20-25 minute work, look around for a minute or two at objects or things at varying lengths. The idea is the eye gets some exercise from 're-focussing'.

Something similar to that is what I asked Br Sateesh to introduce into the Biblical quiz we had this night. I asked him to introduce a round of questions by and to the participants themselves. Each group asks the next one, a question... rather than the quiz master. Just a simple strategy to reverse the order of thought and movement in order to make a better and clearer sense of the original/normal direction.

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