Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On Martin Luther and Reformation

Glancing through my daily list of RSS feeds, I came upon this one from The Journeyman's Files. This sounded interesting given the fact that I am dealing with my students about the time when Martin Luther initiated the Reformation, as part of my class on Modern Western Philosophy. The Christian Audio site offers a free audio version of the book of Luther containing his famous writings, especially the controversial 95 theses which ignited the Reformation. Click here to go directly to the download page.

The audio-book also includes the following: The Small Catechism, On Faith and Coming to Christ, On Confession and the Lord's Supper, Of the Office of Preaching, Excerpt from Luther's Tower Experience and
The Last Written Words of Luther.

I also came to know that October 31 is commemorated as the Reformation Day. I know not if the Catholic Church endorses this?! However, let good flow in from all sides!

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