Sunday, 23 October 2011

Travelling in between 'time'

After a lovely break in KJC, B'lore am back in Kondadaba. The journey back by Prashanti was very amusing and interesting. I had for company several small children. At first I thought that would be the end of my intended rest, but on the contrary it was very relaxing. In the same cabin there was a three and half year old girl, 'yet to learn to speak' said her parents. But I guess she has not been blessed with the gift of speech. All the same very cute and her eyes so expressive. She was very shy and never felt comfortable to venture out of our cabin area. Neither would she interact or go near anyone other than her parents. Even the toddler, the other kid in the cabin, was kept at a distance by her. Her best passtime, all the time, was to sit by the window and watch outside. And of all things passing by, a train speeding by was her greatest delight. Her eyes would sparkle and dance at the sight of a speeding train.

The other toddler was another interesting chap... just a kid of about a year or little more. Surprisingly was very jovial and happy all the while. Never once did he cry during the 26 hour long journey. (However, there was one in the next cabin, who made up for his silence!). He was very comfortable with anyone as long as they smiled.

Only after reaching home and sharing these lovely moments with Sateesh, did it strike me that while on the way to B'lore, it was quite contrary. I was literally surrounded by senior citizens. All the 7 others in the section were above 70... one of them was paralysed below waist. But no regrets... they were very pleasant and though initially skeptical and bit apprehensive about me, were very cordial and thankful when I started helping them for little things which they found difficult with.

On the whole a very relaxing trip to B'lore. Thanks to Mother Mary.

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