Friday, 13 July 2018

Reminiscing old times

Last night watched the musical 'Annie' put up by the students of the Salesian school here in Chertsey.  Part of the musical cast was a dog!  Looking at it on stage, was reminded of the time at Yercaud during my philosophy days when acting in a play for the 15th of August.  I'm not sure what the play was, but that I was a police constable and to enhance the effect of the opening murder scene, was supposed to get the 'sniffer dog' - our own Grigio.  Now this German Shepherd of the house was great! 

The only problem was to keep it away from the 'corpse', Doms who was so frightened of dogs that he had already warned me not to let the dog touch him, leave alone lick him!  He'd warned me that if I let the dog touch him, the script of the play would change and they'd be a real dead body on stage - mine!  Knowing Doms fear of dogs, I was careful. 

All was fine till the actual day of performance.  Every day during the rehearsal, Grigio would be up on stage excited about exploring the set and the new place.  I always had to struggle to get it off the stage.  However, on the actual day, I solemnly walked on to the stage with the leash, only to discover that Grigio would not get on the stage. So here I was on stage, in full view of the audience, pulling hard to get the yet to be seen Grigio!  The more the audience laughed at my struggle, the more it frightened Grigio!  

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