Wednesday, 25 July 2018

After two years!

Every once in a way I feel a prick in my footwear, the only one that I used while back in India.  Most often I'd be busy in some work and I'd tell myself that I'll find the source once I get the work done.  And invariably I forget.  This morning, after many days, I again felt the prick.  So I picked up the slipper and examined it carefully.  Did not find anything at all.  Tried again and then discovered it!  It was a thorn and then I distinctly remembered the source of it:  while at our new home in Hyderabad!  My former pair of footwear had plenty which I extracted over a long period of time - a reminder of the hard work the Brothers and I put in during my first year in the farm at Kondadaba.  Brothers were not really fond of manual garden work but somehow we did a great job clearing a large section of the farm overgrown with wild bushes and thorns, to plant some cashew saplings (that was 2010).
The ball pen is only to get an idea of how big the thorn is... but the pen is also one that I brought with me, two years ago!
So, there at last was something that was on me all these two years, all the way from Hyderabad!  Intact!  It now lies on my windowsill.  

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