Thursday, 26 July 2018

Grandparents feast

Today is the feast of the parents of Mother Mary, Joachim and Ann;  the grandparents of Jesus.  Not much is said of these two persons in the Bible.  I doubt if they ever knew of the Immaculate Conception of their daughter - leave alone, Mary herself knowing this! 

Yet veneration to these two has a great significance even from a mere sociological or cultural viewpoint.  From the very behaviour and life of Mary, one can gain insights into her upbringing.  Mary certainly did not fall from heaven with all the graces and virtues she is extolled for.  All her virtues were very much down to earth: trust in God and His goodness, openness to His call, concern for someone in need, whether at the wedding feast of Cana or her own cousin Elisabeth, love for her family, determination to go on in spite of great hardships (her own young son being crucified as a criminal)... Much of these would have been something she picked up from her childhood, from her parents. 

I wonder what would have been the reaction of Joachim and Anne when they came to know of Mary's pregnancy.  I know not if they knew anything of the divine plan.  Whatever may have been the case, one thing is sure: they were indeed very loving parents who brought up their child with great care and affection. 

This morning I warmly remembered my parents and Roshni's parents: grandparents of Chris and Anet.  When Willy and I grew up, we never had that privilege.  We only met our grandparents once in 5 years or so, when we went to Mangalore for some grand event in the family.  That too it was for a couple of days, amidst all the confusion of the event.  Yet I have great memories of Mummy's parents, especially grandma.  Papa's parents were a bit distant, though we spent more time with them.  Now Papa and Mummy have no great plans and ambitions; they need not slog it out like they once did (all through!);  they can relax and enjoy the company of Chris and Anet.  

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