Friday, 27 July 2018

Honest prayers

Talking with Mummy this evening, she was speaking about the prayers my nephew and niece say before they go to school every morning.  I remember Mummy used to make us also say prayers everyday before going to school.  However, now my Chris and Anet seemed to have a more free hand at the prayers.  So I gather that they add their own intentions too, after the 'routine' prayers. 

Roshni seems to have been hard on Chris one day while following up his homework and so the next day morning, here was Chris' prayer:
Jesus, make Mamma a kind woman!  
Anet, I'm told, has her fervent prayer almost everyday:
Jesus, don't go anywhere.  Stay with me!  
Talking of innocent and honest prayers, am reminded of Hubard, a brother from Guwahati province who was studying at Karunapuram a few years ago.  He was a very simple and joyful youngster.  He also had a very innocent outlook towards life.  Hence at times when we had spontaneous prayers during the night prayer, he would thank or pray for something so 'trivial' that very many of us would smile or laugh ("Thank you for the good chutney we had for supper!" or "Please Lord, send us some rain and I'm finding it hard to concentrate and study in this heat and my vegetable garden is drying up").  But he was serious about his prayer.  And all of us knew him well to know that he was not making fun or being sarcastic.  He was genuinely praying about something close to his heart. 

Wish we all retain that simplicity and honesty in prayer.  

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