Friday, 6 July 2018

Equality. Is that inherent in the system?

Some stray reflections on the notion of 'equality'...

Is equality an inherent standard or an external imposition on an existing state of affairs? 

Perhaps equality is  an external measure or standard to a given context. Not something inherent. Inherently each is only different. If equal, then it should be the same, more or less.

What implications does this have?  That there always has to be a third party to actually decide? When speaking about human beings or even realities involving more than mere statistical or material components, can two or more entities claim to be equal, all by themselves?  

1 comment:

  1. I don't think people are equal. Or that they can be equal. Their states of life are equal- birth and death- that's all.

    So when we speak of treating each other as equals, I think of it as treating a person with the minimum required respect due to a human. If I look at persons as individuals, i cannot honestly say that I treat everyone equally because of their uniqueness. I can't stand some people and I love others, but would I willingly kill those I can't stand? No. That's why capital punishment is so hard for me to decide upon. Part of me wants a quick, seemingly just solution, but then...


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