Friday, 20 April 2018

To be with him...

The time is ripe now back in the Indian Salesian provinces to be talking about transfers and changes!  In the next couple of weeks the lists would be out, but till then, the gossip mills will be at their best.   Interesting time!! 

Everytime the Provincials sit for doing this jigsaw puzzle of moving confreres and distributing responsibilities, there is always these questions lurking in their heads and perhaps form the basis of the assignments listed: Will this confrere manage this job??  Will so and so be a trustworthy administrator?  Will this person manage the Parish?  Can this confrere handle the situation in the school or add to the existing confusion?  Will this person keep the community going as a rector?

However, this morning I was asking myself what was Jesus thinking when he chose the twelve? Or for that matter when he chose all those disciples and followers, later?  Saul, for example.  I don't think he chose Judas because he was a good administrator.  Nor did he choose Mathew so that he may chronicle their 'adventures'.  Luke was certainly not called because he would be a good infirmarian of the group.  Peter was not called so that he could fish and provide for the apostles.  He called them all to be primarily with him and then to bear witness to him before the world.  Well, once in the group, they took on roles and responsibilities that would further this purpose.  But they were not called to fulfill those responsibilities!

I wonder if that principle of 'being with him and becoming his witnesses' is still a worthy criteria for our transfers or new/continued responsibilities. 

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