Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Remembering Sr Modesta

I can't but think of Sr Modesta today.  Not that I'm mourning her death... I'm actually happy that I've had the chance to meet and know her. 

She was not a very gifted person, from what I know.  She had no special skills or talents, leave alone a world-class education or academic qualification.  I'm sure, she never held any 'privileged posts' during her lifetime.  Am quite sure she never even made it to being appointed 'principal' to any rural school.  I know for sure that she taught hindi in schools, but that's it.  Nothing more.  Yet, she endeared herself to so many people... to me.  What she lacked for in terms of academic excellence or intellectual calibre, she made up (more than merely balancing) through her personal relational skills.  She was a 'other-centred' person.  Her heart and mind sought out what others felt and needed, much more than what she needed for herself.  She was contended with herself, no matter how little she possessed or the lack of titles she was bestowed with.  What she was blessed with, she made the most.  She was happy and that happiness she gladly and generously shared with others. 

Life is better because you are happy; but life is best when others are happy because of you.
The following quote, perfectly sums up her life:

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