Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Christianity - an earthy living

The scriptures and liturgy of the past few weeks make clear how deep a connection Christianity has with food.  We have Jesus eating the 'last supper' with his apostles, the symbolism of the bread and wine as his body and blood, Jesus asking for and eating fish to quell the apostles fear that he is a ghost, the readings of yesterday and today referring to Jesus as the 'bread of life', the two disciples of Emmaus recognizing Jesus at the 'breaking of the bread'...

Given these records and events, one sees the indepth connection our liturgy, our faith and tradition have with food.  It is interesting to note that the food spoke of or referred to in all these instances is not some rare delicacy but ordinary common meal stuff - bread, wine, fish.  Once again a reiteration that Christianity is not a religion of the hi-fi but the hoi polloi, of the most mundane; it is not a fashion statement or trending fad among the rich, but a very grounded and day-to-day affair. 

Furthermore our tradition and rites all have a very mundane and common day to day connection - something we need to rediscover and live.  Rather than elevate these very rites to the heights and apart from everyday living, we need to guauge the depth of our faith on the basis of our existential living rather than a ceremonial grandeur. 

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