Thursday, 19 April 2018

Cuts and bruises

This is the most busy garden time of the year.  The sun has been out, full and bright, for the past couple of days and garden centres are doing brisk business. I've already had potted most of the plants and bulbs that I bought.  Today I put them all out of the Green house.  Those few plants that I had replanted are today a bit down, mostly because of the 'intense' heat yesterday and today. So I moved them to a bit more shady area till they spread or gain roots. But I'm sure they'll pick up.  And of course, began my daily share of cuts and bruises - and what's the fun in gardening if you don't have a few cuts and bruises.  I feel a bit odd when I see most people working in their own gardens wearing gloves, and glasses and wellingtons (big long rubber shoes).  Why miss out the thrill of touching and feeling the mud, the stones, cool water, leaves, soft petals, the earthworms...

It is amazing to see what just two days of sun can do... the growth in the plants has been phenomenal. Just two days of sun and one can distinctly see the accelerated growth and bloom.
The tulip outside the main door, which bloomed last year too. The colour is amazing.
The pink one in the background is one of the two tulips that I bought this year. 
The pansies I bought and planted two days ago have already look vibrant ...

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