Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Poverty and happiness

I watched the hindi movie 'Hindi Medium' today.  Am quite impressed.  A very unlikely situation, but a very realistic one.  Without getting into the debate about the ethics of 'special' schools and education for the 'qualified' - for fear of fast running short of any serious valid arguments - I wish to dwell on the aspect of community support and the role of poverty.

While there are some hyperbolic cinematic liberties in the movie concerning education and living, the one that spot on is that there is greater happiness and joy among the poor than those blessed with material wealth.  While poverty is considered the curse of society, it also offers the most likelihood for happiness.  Living with the minimal brings people together.  It helps one keep one's feet on the ground and one's heart in the right place.  Too much of a comfort brings about distance among people and fosters a sense of suspicion among neighbours.  Most importantly, it is only in dire need that one truly discovers ones true friends and well wishers - something one will never be able to do when one has all one's material needs fully met.

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