Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Target the arrow

There was once a king who wanted to become the best archer in the world. He therefore set out to find a guru who would assist him in this dream of his.  After much wandering and searching, as he was passing through a hamlet, he was astounded to see several arrows strike the bulls eye in the outskirts.  On enquiry he was all the surprised to see that it was all the handiwork of a small kid.  Asked how he achieved such a remarkable feat at such a tender age, the boy replied, that's quite easy.  Can you teach me, asked the king.  The boy agreed and took lead him till they reached a rather long plank of wood in the village.  The boy strung his arrow and just as he was about to shoot, the king asked him, "But where is the target? First draw the target." The boy exclaimed, "How difficult it is to teach these adults!" Saying so, he silenced the king and no sooner did he shoot the arrow, he marched forward, picked up a piece of charcoal and drew the target around the arrow he just shot on to the plank!

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