Monday, 12 October 2015

In the shadows

The day before yesterday was the birthday of Br John, one of the PIME Brothers who is helping out as Assistant of the boys at Ramanthapur.  It was nice to see the boys come up with ways and means to express their love for him.  Personally, he comes  across to me as a simple straight thinking and well motivated person.  Introducing him for the cultural gathering in the evening, I spoke of two types of people.  The ones who want to shine out and make it big in life... for themselves.  Then there are those who help others grow and go on to become big in life, while they themselves are happy and contented to remain in the shadows.

I do appreciate too the time the Brothers spend with the boys.  They are there with them all day and night.  Since boys are here in all the places, at all times, it is not an easy task to be present with them, leave alone being meaningfully present at all times.  Yet, I see them both with the children round the clock.  

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