Thursday, 15 October 2015

True understanding

Living with the boys here at Ramanthapur, I'm learning quite a few things... one of them, knowing myself.
This morning I was asking myself, "Would I have a different approach or would I have been a different person altogether, were I to be here amidst children before I was placed in the formation setting in the Philosophates?"  I'm not really trying to answer that question this early.  Perhaps I'll be in a better position to answer that question by the end of the year or so.  But for now, one thing is quite clear:
True understanding lies outside the domain of the mind. 
Not everything and not everyone is clear and precise.  We never can really exhaust a concept, leave alone understand it fully... least of all an individual.  There are so many things involved, attached and connected to something as simple as a word or an action that it is almost impossible to claim certainty about anything or anyone. 

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  1. Happened across this post, Casa.

    The beginning of wisdom :D :D


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