Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Big vs the Small

In contrast to my recent visit to Osmania hospital, today I had the opportunity to enter in Care Hospital at Nampally.  Of course, being a posh hospital of the corporate structure, the system in place was well organised, neat and smooth.  So was the price!

As I was waiting for the doctor to meet and speak about the patient whom I was there for, I was watching the many people coming in, going out, working and some walking around.  Except among the staff, all the rest of those there were strangers to one another.  However, there was the look of agony on all their faces - I'm not talking of the patients.  One might say, what else do you expect at a hospital. Well, the expression was not just of physical pain or anguish, but a weird sense of being alone in a large lonely world, a look of being lost in thought of know not what.  But a gentle smile, a kind helping hand, even if it was just to help push a stretcher or lift a garbage bin, the whole face brightens up.

We often think and pursue large and lofty goals and dreams, in the hope that we'd be happy if we get what we are after. We forget that more than those big and lofty goals it is simple acts of kindness and help that bring greater and effective cheer in our lives.  It is these small tender and unexpected deeds that grease the larger machinery of life, that keep life going.

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