Monday, 12 October 2015

Choosing God

Only if I choose, he is my God... if not, how can I believe in him?
This was the statement of one of the parents who happened to meet their child, among one of our boys here at Ramanthapur after a span of 3 years. The boy had left home in order to study. When he was referred to us by the CWC he was adamant that he would reveal the identity, location and contact details of his home and people only after completing his tenth standard.  He is presently studying in the 10th standard. Besides this his other aspiration was to receive Holy Communion. However, he was told that unless he gets the approval of his parents, he cannot be given Communion, or for that matter even be baptised.  Perhaps it was the latter reason that prompted him to get in touch with his people at home two days ago.  (He had almost forgotten his contact details. It took some search and research to really get in touch with his mother). His mother, elder brother and an uncle arrived this morning and it was a happy reunion!

While discussing his desire to become a Catholic, and asked if they have any objection to him receiving baptism, the mother promptly stated:
It is solely his choice.  We have no objection to him believing in whom he considers good and great.  
Then his uncle added
When it comes to belief, only if I choose, he is my God... if not, how can I believe in him?

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