Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Youth Day 2012

On Sunday we had about 120 young people from the neighbouring villages and Parishes participating in an animation programme based on Trust /  Faith.  I was asked to animate the whole day but I declined for I wanted to guide the Brothers themselves (those who normally organise the day) to graduate from performing 'something' to animating the young with due and diligent preparation.  So I suggested that they have three sessions, one of which the Brothers animate, for which I would certainly help and guide.

I really found it much harder to get them do what they were supposed to do than doing it myself. However, today looking back on the day, I am more than happy.  The Brothers who slogged it out are much more happier than I.  All in all, I spent nearly 4 hours (collectively) with the two Brothers who were animating a 60 minute session. For a start it was great.  The two later came to share their rich experience going through the grind of it.  One of them, towards the end added, "I usually give a sermon every alternative week in my ministry place and I never found it very difficult or different.  But preparing for this programme was very very different, for I did not want to take chances with you!" Of course, he was really grateful and very elated.  

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