Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Generosity of Women

The Gospel of Sunday (November 11, 2012) which highlighted the generosity of the poor widow who poured in her little amount into the collection box but in the process earned the praise of the Master, struck me as something typical of women folk.  Add to that the reading of the same day: the widow offering to Prophet Elijah, the last bit of what was actually kept safe for her son and herself.  Again, a woman willing to offer the little she had for someone other than her own.  Both these women - and both were widows - had no guarantee that what they invested would ever return to them, leave alone earn them a profit!  Yet they were generous enough to give it away!

Jesus somehow presented these invaluable lessons of extreme sacrifice and trust through the instrumentality of women - He certainly knew the strength of a woman's soul! 

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