Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Love of Wisdom

The theme I chose for the Seminary Day and also the Jubilee celebrations is Love of Wisdom.  Being the philosophate, I thought this would be appropriate.  That indeed was the good reason; however, the real reason was that I wanted the Brothers to get the message prior to 'preaching' to someone (or everyone) else.  As always, the primary audience of my playlet are not the guests but the very actors and dancers and singers... the Brothers themselves.

The playlet is basically to convey the idea that the modern day temptations to religious and Priestly life are no more just the oft stated wine-wealth-women! I have my doubts if they genuinely were the reasons anytime at all.  The greater temptation is to fall for anything short of what each of us is called to be and do.  As consecrated persons we are primarily called to know, understand and be with Jesus.  Anything less than that is a failure of living out our vocation, however good that short-coming may produce or bring forth.

The 'foolish virgins' of today are those who fall for 'action' prior to commitment to Christ and Christ Himself; or those who choose to be satisfied doing 'some' good while being able and called to greater responsibilities.  The wise ones are those who discern their call and live up to it fully, to the best of their ability - not necessarily successfully ('cos that's not the point).  

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