Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christ the King

As I prepared myself for Mass this morning, I read the readings and was reflecting on the Kingship of Christ.  I found it quite difficult and irritating.  To look upon Jesus as a King and someone in 'power' was not very soothing or anywhere near inspiring.  The one thought that kept ringing in my mind was 'what about Christ the Prophet?' That never gets mentioned anywhere, any day!  The last Sunday of the liturgical year is dedicated to Christ the King; Maundy Thursday commemorates Christ the Priest.  What happened and where is Christ, the Prophet?

The only thought connected with Christ the King that made sense to me was that of surrendering one's will to Him (or better still, aligning one's own will to that of my Lord).  Apart from this surrender, the Kingship was a real distraction. 

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  1. Casa my dear, yesterday, went for mass to the DB prov house, chapel-full of fathers for mass. Rather boring. The priest did try to make the connection about Jesus being our king personally which is the most you can get out of it, but it was not at all inspiring.

    Actually, i am not in the least clear why we have to have christ the king, the priest, the prophet, the puppet, the carpenter, the fisherman, the whipper, the boozer, the gay guy, or whatever. He is simply Jesus, the Christ-if you want. The other titles, the Son of Man, Son of God, Good Shepherd are more endearing. King and prophet and so on distance him from our lives which is the opposite of what he did when he was living with people.


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