Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mission Work or Escapism?

Only this evening I came to know that a confrere whom I know well has been transferred to another Province, an European one at that.  In plain political vocabulary it would certainly be nothing less than 'defected'.  Really surprising - actually, 'embarrassing' - was the reason cited for this 'defection'.  I know that things in the Province have not been very rosy or inspirational, if one may say so.  However that does not mean, that one just takes off - that too when one has been given the opportunity to better equip oneself and return to the Province!  Another trend in the Province has been that people opt for the 'missions' when they no longer feel comfortable here at home!  I have no doubts they'd be no better than what they are here; leave alone do any 'mission work'.

Anyway, I know not all and every reason behind this rather sad news. So I'd better not jump to conclusions. Whatever it be, I hope we continue to give our best to the world of youth, wherever it may be, while being true to our commitment and vocation.  I suppose, God knows best. 

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