Thursday, 7 June 2018

So sure...

Every once in a way, right in the midst of an intense discussion or conversation, someone pops up with a question that fringes on the most inconsequential matters under the discussion, that one wonders if the person is really sane.  However, for the one asking the question, and doing it in all sincerity and seeking, it is an important and central question - only that he or she has failed to grasp the core of discussion. 

"Whose wife would she be on the day of the resurrection?"  (Mark 12) An important and relevant question when viewed from the sociological perspective.  The one posing this question would certainly be a good devout practicing and learned Jew.  He wanted to be clear about what would be the case of this tricky situation, because he could not think of a way out.  Unfortunately, he did not think that Jesus could be speaking of things outside the box!  In the process he misses the core of what Jesus was trying to communicate: that God is a loving and living being.

Can happen to us too:  we are so sure of what is being said that we miss out the greater indepth meaning being offered! 
The Master made it his task to destroy systematically every doctrine, every belief, every concept of the divine, for these things, which were originally intended as pointers, were now being taken as descriptions. He loved to quote the Eastern saying 'When the sage points to the moon, all that the idiot sees is the finger.' (Anthony deMello)

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