Friday, 8 June 2018

Believers advantage

Sometimes I envy those who do not believe or practice any religion.  They seem to have a very 'free' life.  No compulsion of any religious obligation.  Need not make time for any prayer or visit to the place of worship.  Need not bother about following the rites and rituals of any life events (like marriage, death, first communion, confirmation, baptism...).

On the other hand, we religious have to spend so much of our time in prayer, Mass, meditation, prayer services, monthly recollections, retreats, rosary, besides catching up with all that the Pope says, the Vatican decides, the Rector Major writes, the provincial circulars and the diocesan newsletter.

However one major advantage, besides the emotional, communitarian and spiritual support believers enjoy, is the sense of purpose.  The former group does not have to bother about doing things for someone beyond.  Those who work solely for themselves sooner or later do get bored or too mired in themselves.  Philanthropists are a bit better off.  But we believers have the opportunity to dedicate our work and the purpose of all our actions to a Higher cause.  This additional vertical dimension of our purpose not only shades but adds meaning to our life and activities.  For us religious without the primacy of this dimension, we would well be mere philanthropists or altruists.
Marian message at the end of a prayer service during the retreat...

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