Friday, 8 June 2018

Poles and brooms

While at Hothorpe, got to see a couple of things that I haven't seen in the rest of the country that I've visited so far. One is the electric poles and transformers...

The other is the cultivated farmlands, mostly wheat.  It was great to see vast lands being used for cultivation.  But no irrigation facilities or opportunities.  Watered solely by rain.

One afternoon visited Foxton Locks.  A very ingenious way of navigation by the river and canals, up and down, without much loss of water and energy. A truly amazing piece of engineering.  The height which the boats move up and down is just unbelievable: neither do they rush down nor struggle to row up!  All of it done by carefully building check dams and gates, which are then used to flood or let out compartments of water - none of this water is really 'lost' but cleverly circulated in the same area.  Reminded me of the Hydram built by Fr Corcoran at The Retreat, in Yercaud. 

Then, saw this outside the Chapel on the first day.  Almost fell over laughing!!  A showpiece: Dried coconut leaves stems in a vase! From an Indian point of view: a broom in the wrong place... wasted!

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