Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Within a month or so, the schools here in the country will close for the summer vacations and end the academic year.  Holidays!  That magic word, perhaps the best sound for a student!  However for most people here holidays is synonymous with travel.  Unless they go somewhere far, holiday is not a holiday.  Staying at home over the holidays does not make a holiday.  I guess Don Bosco's understanding of holidays as 'a change of occupation' is a redundant definition by any modern standards! 

This association of holidays with travel is an outcome of the upward economic mobility of any society.  Back in India, most people even today would like to spend the holidays at home.  Travel and tourism is not (yet) in the worldview of Indians.  It may have much to do with smooth travel facilities and the luxury of the comfort of home - something very difficult to replicate elsewhere. 

So for the time being, once the holidays (of others) begin, I'll enjoy the congestion free roads, flexible Mass timing and number or participants, and practically the whole house for myself! 

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