Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Who's pregnant?

As I glanced through the news just before I called it a day, I came across this particular news article which said
Tom Daley announces baby news with husband
The one line description below it read
The British Olympic diver and his husband Dustin Lance Black shared the news on social media.
I thought BBC had its grammar wrong. Then when I opened the link and started reading the news I realised it was a gay couple.  Fine.

I guess in today's world coming across gay couples is a fact of life.  So it could be that they are adopting a child.  But no.  The news article carried the photo of the two of them holding the picture of a baby scan and it spoke of 'pregnancy', 'expecting their first child...'. 

Am wondering who is pregnant?  Honestly it is a quite baffling! 

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