Monday, 5 February 2018

A dream

Last night I had a dream; one after long!  All in the dream were my students (I think so; at least they seemed so, even though I did not really notice their faces).  Those whom I noticed (vaguely though) were those who were mostly in the shadows and off the centre stage - certainly not the bright or the smart ones.  Three of them coordinated a sort of tableau or something of that kind.  What struck me was that all those involved (I didn't notice their faces) were quite good at their role. Neither overacting nor being too casual.  A very sober presentation but a very heartfelt one.  The place (hall?) seemed familiar but it wasn't any place I've been.

Walking in the campus I noticed a group of them playing a strange game, kicking off what I thought was a ball but was indeed a kite.  The game was to get it flying once they kicked it.  Somehow thought they were the Mill Hills.  Again the drive seemed familiar but nothing like any of the places I've lived at so far.  Of all those whom I saw, I really don't remember anyone, but only one of the three (why three? I don't know) who coordinated the presentation.  Given his nature, that he could pull off such a presentation, was indeed most surprising.  He left the Salesians long ago but his was the only face that I remember.  Forget his name though.

Said a prayer for him and for the Mill Hills! 

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