Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Living the Now

I remember Fr T.D. John narrating an anecdote about an old lady who always mourned that everyday she got to eat a ripened bland betel leaf and that she never got to eat a juicy fresh leaf - all the while having a stack of fresh leaves. All she had to to was take the first ripened leaf and help herself to the whole lot of the fresh leaves.

Very many of us live in the past, forgetting that it is more important and meaningful to live in the present.  Often all that it takes is to open one's eyes to the here and now rather than continue dwelling on memories.

I remember a dialogue from the movie Touchback, where the mother of a young sportsman who always grudges the present and dreams of making the future big and bright, asks him: What if, this is all you have? This, here and now?

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