Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Formator: Ever a learner

I came across one beautiful testament of living a formative experience as a formator on Fr Ivo's blog, Musings.  The whole text is here.

One of the first things that caught my attention in that simple and personal sharing of insights was the following statement
One becomes capable of accompanying others only when one has oneself begun a serious process of personal accompaniment that should extend over a lifetime.  
I'm at a juncture where I'm still gather my bearings in a formation set up.  The fact that one has been in a formation set up for most of ones life, does not automatically mean that one is ready to deal with contemporary situations. Much matters on how one perceives the situation and what line of action one chooses to follow in the given context. There are no ready-made text books or instructions.  One needs to be prudent.  One needs to be constantly learning and growing.  I guess that's the basic premise of being a formator... the openness to be a learner, ever!  

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