Sunday, 8 June 2014

Harmony of the mind, heart and hands

Am currently preparing for a workshop on the theme, 'Why study Philosophy?' for the college here... that too right on the next day after the inauguration of the academic year.  Fr Tom, the Principal, was kind enough to give me his feedback on the reason for placing this workshop bang on the first day and most importantly for the whole college, and not just the freshers only.  More of it once I conduct the workshop.

For now, I came across the message of Pope Francis to a large group of school children sometime in mid May 2014.  He spoke of why he (and we) love school.  It was quite touching to hear him list his reasons for loving school.  The first reason he cited was his teacher.  He did not begin with a principle or a theory but a person!  A person who was his inspiration and primary reason for loving school.  More about that later but I'd like to quote his concluding words:
... a journey that enables you to learn three languages that a mature person should know how to express: the language of the mind, the language of the heart and the language of the hands.  Harmoniously though, that is, to think what you feel and what you do; to feel deeply what you think and what you do; and to do well what you think and what you feel.  Three languages, together in harmony! 
Read the whole message here. It is truly lovely! 

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