Friday, 13 June 2014

From mere watching to creating...

This morning I read the news interview of the CEO-elect of Infosys, Vishal Sikka, in which he was asked about the educational system in the country.  I was happily surprised to read his comments about the same.
I think there is an incredible fascination for Nach Baliye and singing and dancing, and I wish we get back to a little bit of math and science.  
True indeed.  Somehow we get caught with the eye and what is fascinating to the eyes not really that which demands discipline and courage.  Not that the those participating in the dance programmes do not have discipline and courage.  Yes they certainly do! But what of the millions who watch them!  Most seem happy to merely watch and not do anything about it.  Some may emulate them and try their hand at dancing but when they discover that it is more than clowning around, then they quit and get back to the safest and easiest mode: right infront of the idiot box.

I ask of my Brothers and myself this same question: What are my priorities?  That I like dance and music and games, is fine, but is study and reflection anywhere on the horizon?  If not, where do I get stuff to inspire me to appreciate or compose music?  How and where do I learn the meaning of art and expression?  How do I know and imbibe the values of a game?  

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