Sunday, 20 May 2012

Taking a distance

Yesterday  I read the necrology of Fr Benedict Vadachary sdb, who was my school Principal when I was in Don Bosco, Sanathnagar doing my elementary studies.  I really do not have very clear memories of him because, it was Fr Lens who was the most attractive and charming. So as small boys, the one who really  mattered was Fr Lens! However, reading the necrology I was a bit disappointed.  It looked very shabbily done.  Not the material quality but the content part of it.  There is hardly anything substantial about his life.  His last few days are mentioned in some detail.  From my reading of the text, I gather it is written by someone who was very close to him and had not taken a distance from Fr Benedict's immediate and delicate situation of his ill health and thereby the 'gloomy' picture painted.

From what I gather, I remember Fr Benedict to be a burly man with wide shoulders, broad chest and a tall personality.  He was truly dark in complexion and the fact that Fr Lens (being one from Europe) was the other Priest with him, made the contrast too clear.  Most often he appeared quite serious but was fond of meeting the boys.  No wonder he spent most of his life as teacher or headmaster.  If I am not mistaken he was one one who appointed the first batch of teachers for the school, some of whom are still faithfully working in the school.

Well, since I owe so much to Don Bosco School, Sanathnagar, I surely am grateful to Fr Benedict for all that he did.  May God rest his soul.  

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