Friday, 18 May 2012

Cinematic craze

It's been more than two weeks since the latest movie of NTR Jr was released.  However, the admiration and awe for him has always been ... in our kitchen. Of the four working in the kitchen, two of them are die hard fans of the grandson of the great NTR.  Even this evening as they left for their respective homes after the day's work, one of them was informing me that she would be viewing the movie again in a day or two, this time along with her whole family.  When asked she had no particular reason for such great admiration for him.  She even narrated an event, a couple of years ago, when she 'rebelled' against one of the staff here, just to go and have a glimpse of him when he was passing Kothavalasa town.  (They truly have a great respect and would never ever dare question or talk back to any of us on the staff... in such a context, to even challenge a Priest, is quite a daring act).

Of course, the height of such passionate mass following of movie stars is now history... thanks to many reasons.  But the craze that people have towards those whom they watch on screen is something too incomprehensible for me - not the liking part, but the 'fidelity' or 'prioritization' of him/her over everything and everybody. 

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