Saturday, 5 May 2012

An owl a day...

Yesterday afternoon I found an owlet near the administrator's office.  It was unable to stand or fly and presuming that it was ill or dying and that the afternoon heat was bad for it, I took it into the office and trying to help it.  I gave it some water and put it in a cool dark place in the room.  Then I tried to see if there is some help tips on the net.  It was then that I came to know that owls do not drink water.  The water content needed for their body comes from the blood of the rodents and other small creatures they eat.  Furthermore, if the owlet is sick and the parents sense that it would not survive long, they stop feeding it and it is abandoned... I prayed that this small one wasn't!

I wasn't very sure it would survive very long because there was hardly anything I could do for it.  Late in the evening, I decided that it would be best to put it back in its own nest (a long tunnel in the building crack), just in case it had earlier fallen off it by mistake.  Sometime later, I heard the parents hoot and late at night, just before going to bed I checked to see if the owlet was still in the same place where I'd put it.  It was not there.  I prefer to believe that the parents had taken it in and is now in good hands.  

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