Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A catacomb experience

For once I had a personal experience of participating in a Mass as though I were an early Christian and we were having the liturgy in the catacombs, in hiding from the Romans.  Well my reasons were totally different from that of the early Christians, but the experience was none the less same.  I know not but how 'free' that celebration of the Mass was.  There was always the fear of being discovered by the persecutors and therefore so many things to bear in mind all along.  Yet, that was the real cradle of Christianity.  Faith grew from these catacomb-meetings.

Another aspect I found reflecting as I participated in Mass was the grace of forgiveness.  I thought I was more cruel than God Himself.  While He surely would have forgiven and moved on, I still found it hard to forgive and reconcile myself to the fact that 'this' still is the reality.  

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